Scroll position always preserved with "Preserve scroll position" unchecked

I have seen many posts about preserve scroll position, but with each one the issue is that the scroll position is not being preserved (aside from when Smart Animate is in use).

My issue is that I do not want to preserve the scroll position, and have unchecked “Preserve scroll position” with “Instant” state changes, and so far it has never worked.

I have a component with three states (variants) with scrolling applied to each frame. If you scroll, then choose another state, the scroll position from the previous state IS maintained, and I cannot see how to stop this.

preserve scroll position

Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong?

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the preserve scroll position AND reset video position don’t seem to work at all

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I’m trying to preserve scroll position between 2 frames and since the last update, it never worked. The scroll always reset its position to the top.
Any help?


I have the same problem right now @Tools_Vicens_Vives. My two frames were linked very well and also with preserved scroll positions. But after this Figma last update, it isn’t working anymore. Please Figma help me!! :pray:t4:

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@Matheus_Freitas @Tools_Vicens_Vives — This post was made before the related update and is about scroll position being preserved when I did not want it to.

Since the update, the issue I describe above is no longer an issue, as the scroll position is automatically preserved by default unless you choose to “Reset scroll position” which in my case fixed it.

If you have two frames that aren’t preserving scroll position, and “Reset scroll position” is not selected, make sure your two frames have the same name.


It’s same for me. When i hover or mouse enter, in prototype it just jump to top, not preserve scroll position. And that reset scroll position is turned off.

Is that a bug? Why it’s jumping on top

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Again, see my previous comment: make sure your two frames have the same name. Otherwise it won’t work.


Hello there @IraX and @Milos_Novakovic, I’ve tried here renaming the frames with the same name and then the scroll position was fixed. But it doesn’t make any sense for me, because I’ve got 34 frames here on my project, and I’d rather have different names for each other so that I could find them easier later. For me it looks more like a bug, since before this last update, even with different named frames, it would work pretty well. Please Figma help us! :pray:t4:

I don’t disagree with you; that’s just what solved it. Might be a feature request at this point.

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Yes, that’s all we’ve got at this moment right dude? But having 34 frames with the same name, doesn’t feel good to me LOL! :sweat_smile:


yeah, for me also.

Put same name on my top frame - page name… Like HOME … it’s not best practice.

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Yeah @Milos_Novakovic, it looks like every frame you need to name it HOME? Hahaha! And it wasn’t necessary right before this Figma update right?

yeah, correct

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@Matheus_Freitas @Milos_Novakovic — it’s not quite like that. You can use a naming hierarchy with a matching string. They detail that here:


Excelent @IraX!!! That kind of hierarchy naming using stripes worked pretty well for me thank you very much!!! :clap:t4:

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Cool — I should’ve looked a bit deeper the other day, beyond just “same name”. Turns out they did do it right.

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I’m struggling with this issue right now. I have an expand/collapse interaction and have NOT checked Reset Scroll Position but it’s jumping around between the pages.