Screen reader accessibility feature enhancement request

Hey team Figma!, our UX team has been really excited to experiment with the screen reader accessibility beta feature introduced by Figma.

We discovered a few things that can help make the feature better. So we would like to request feature enhancements with the following changes -

  • Provide an easier more reliable way to enter accessibility mode, or make accessibility mode the default.
  • Allow us to adjust layer type or apply a screen reader specific type label to all of our layers
  • Turn on multi-key kb interactions (examples: Ctrl+F6, Ctrl+shift+F6)
  • Make non-interactive elements focusable
  • Support browse mode in NVDA at least.
  • Focus interaction so we can show when things are in focus/selected.
  • Allow for interactions within auto layouts, frames, and groups

Happy to elaborate on the points if we can get a point of contact from Figma.

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