Save frames as .fig

Hi guys, I have a Figma file with 100s of frames and I would like to export each frame as a .fig file. But Figma only allows to save the whole file as .fig.
Do you know a way to easily split each frame into different .fig files?

This isn’t possible. Why do you want that?

I have a component library and I want people to be able to download components one by one. But their is 2000 components and I don’t want to create manually 2000 files…

why the pdf file is automatically saving when I’m saving a local copy of .fig file…How can I resolve this?
Can anyone know?

Your pc have set it as default that It will show pdf format of .fig file. When you want to open the .fig file, then you can import the file in figma and it will open it as figma file(editable).