Same button and interaction will result differently from a frame and from overlay

I have an overlay (on hover), with a button that opens (on click) another menu overlay. in the overlayed menu I have a button that changes a variable.

The variable is changing a component variant(it works) however this component has few animated on delay steps from the newly changed variant - but they don’t work.
If the same button is in the frame, it will change the variable that changes the variant and the sequence of on delay steps will work. so basically the same button will initiate the change from both frame and overlay, but when its initiated from the overlay the component sequence animation will not work.

Any ideas?

Hey Yuval, could you share a screen recording? I think its easier to follow that way.

what i have noticed, that if i will click anywhere on the screen the animation will start after 1sec delay.
so its obviously a bug, but from what i understand its pointless to submit a bug to Figma :confused:

If you can share a screen recording with me, I can file a bug report internally.