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Run into "File out of memory" while resolving conflicts

Hi! As of lately I run into memory usage issue when trying to update branches from main.

The resource usage overlay shows a number around 0.3 G, which is well below the 60% of 2.0 G threshold, so working with the file didn’t trigger any memory warnings so far. But when working in a branch and trying to update from main, I recently started to run into warnings while going through the “resolve conflicts” dialog. It starts with the yellow warning banner, with every resolved conflict the shown memory usage % increases, the banner becomes red and ultimately I get to see the “File out of memory” message and can’t continue.

I wonder if this is just a temporary limitation/bug of the beta or if it would be advisable for the future to keep files well below the 0.3 G to use the branching feature.

Anyway, hope this helps, thank you!

Hi Richard,

Sorry you’re running into this issue. If you could DM me the link to the file (and share it with “”) we can look into this for you.