Rights to duplicate a project

In fact, we wouldn’t be working with zeplin if figma had a flexible option with rights sharing. Due to the fact that we share the project with developers, in order for them to download assets - they had the right to copy the entire project to themselves. This is a very unfavorable condition in Figma. So we have to work with other applications. For me, as a designer, this is very stressful, it takes a lot of time and gives a lot of inconvenience. I ask you very strongly not to give the opportunity to duplicate the project to yourself for users who can download assets.

for peoples “can view”:

I urge you very much to address this issue in Figma as soon as possible.![:pray:]
Please help love your product even more! Thank you! Love figma
PS: Perhaps you will propose a new role to pass the project to development, so that the developer can only download assets and view the project. No more rights.

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