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Right-click Paste Here menu item

I know this is an idea stolen from Sketch, but I think it is worth stealing as it is good! :grin:

  1. Copy an item from one part of the canvas
  2. Move to where you want to insert it
  3. Right click the mouse and one of the right click menu items is Paste here
  4. This allows you to paste in the spot of choice

The current behaviour is once you’ve copied something, if you paste it pastes on top of the original item, which is useful if you need it, but not useful if you have already moved around the canvas.


⇧⌘V on a selected item will paste to that item’s x and y value.
For additional flexibility, try my plugin copy paste position size
I hope this helps, I came from Sketch as well :slight_smile:

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Thank you - yeah i knew about the ⇧⌘V. Feels like the right click idea is just a nice extra bit of usability that wouldn’t be the hardest to implement

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I’d love this (my ⇧⌘V shortcut is occupied by a different application :))