Reverse changing font for whole Figma File - How to?

Hey, I was working on a Figma File with my Team and I changed the Fonts (when pop-up was there “change into…” then I used Open Sans) because firstly, I thought it’s only me who will see this change and secondly, I hadn’t the right font downloaded yet.

Then I installed the right fonts and now, every time I click on an element in this file (which is still visually in General Grotesque) is changing into Open Sans.
How can I reverse this? So this is not happening??
I hope for help here :slight_smile:

Hey Diana, I guess you set up Replacements inside the “Missing fonts” panel?
It seems there’s no native feature to revert that change directly but here are some things you could try:

Thank you so much! This helped a lot. I could change it :slight_smile:

Kind regards