Restricted Editing Access Until Account Is Upgraded

I’ve shared access with an account that is outside our organization to edit our Figma space. The account accepted the invite, however in the sharing settings their account name appears with an exclamation mark next to it and a message that says "this person has a restricted account. They will be able to edit files when their account is upgraded.

Is this a problem on their account end or is there something we can do to fix this issue?

Hi Mariana,
Sorry for your trouble with the access to the file! Please share the file link and the user you’re trying to share it to our support team (so they can dig into this further and give you the best next steps to allow them to edit) here:

(To give some context, usually, this means the user has “viewer-restricted” permission within the team or Organization that the file lives in.

Viewer - Restricted is a limited role on a team that prevents the user from editing files. This restriction overrides any invites to edit files or projects within that team. In order to start editing and sharing, the best option would be to reach out to an admin on the team, and they can upgrade that user’s role on the team to “can edit.”

If you have further questions, check out our Help Center guide with more information on this here:

This issue appears when an Admin establishes “Choose the role people should get when first joining your team.” as viewer-restricted.

BUT How can I give edit access to my client to certain files only, and remain the settings above?

Hey Andrew,
For this case, they will need to have an editor license (appear as an editor on their Admin settings → Members tab) on the Org in order to be able to edit files in the Org.
The Org level role takes precedence over all other permissions in the Org. Hope it is clear!

Hi @Celine_Figma

We have an Org plan. We work with external agencies who also have a paid plan with editor seats.

How is it possible to collaborate on the same projects in our Org without having to buy additional editor seats for a Figma user from the external agency (as they already have a paid seat)?

Thank you very much for your help.


Hi @Ivo_B , it’s not possible to collaborate with an external user in an Organization without that user having an editor license in your Organization. Regardless of whether they have their own plan, we charge for editor seats in each Organization and Pro Plan team. So, if a user is part of a Pro Plan team and is also part of an Organization, the Pro Plan team will be charged for that user’s editor license and the Organization will be charged for that user’s editor license. Of course, you can always just provide the external users with view access only, for which you will not be charged for. Hope this helps!

@Celine_Figma: I have joined the organisation recently and while transferring the role and rights i have been granted all rights and my account is also a paid account, but still i am seeing similar message. Can you please help us out with the same

Hey @Raghav_Gupta , sorry to hear this is happening. Please reach out directly to the support team with your Figma account email: here
They can have a deeper look into your account setting to help you out. Thanks!

What is the outcome of this situation?