Restoring components

Hello everyone. I’ve been dealing with a huge problem lately concerning components. There was a big original file with my mock-ups for work. It consited of hundreds of master components and their instances (1 master with 1 instance for a frame). This file was dublicated, original deleted. Overall, now I have frames with only instances, no masters left. Are there any chances of quick restoring of all the masters instead of manually clicking on each instance to restore master component? Mb a plugin? Will be waiting for your replies :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, plugins do not have the ability to access the native functionality for restoring deleted main components. Plugins can only recreate main components and then swap instances. Therefore, I would recommend that you use only the native function, or consider restoring a deleted file (if it has not been permanently deleted), or restoring a version of a file from Version History.

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Meh :frowning:
Tnx anyway