Responsive prototyping is not really existing

Hi all,

We are using Figma for DesignSystems, UI design and user testing.
Generally we are happy with Figma.
However, there was always one topic we did not really understand:

Why is it possible to design very flexible using AutoLayout and Constraints -
however if we want to show UI designs (pages/flows) to users during User Testing there is no way to adapt the layouts automatically to their devices.
Yes, of course one could use “Fit width” within presentation mode.
However, we would expect the layout adapting to screen resolution similar to enlarging frames within design mode. This behaviour should work within defined breakpoints.

This is exactly the point where tools such as Anima (Figma plugin) are positioning themselves.
“Click Responsiveness & Breakpoints in the Anima plugin · Click ‘+’ and select all the frames that you want to connect with breakpoints
We did test Anima and did not have the feeling we could reach our goals explained above.

Theoretically it would also be possible to export Figma layouts (via plugin) to Webflow. ( => extremely time consuming)

The question is if there does exist an effective way to reach our goal. It seems there is no real solution. That’s why we will continue with the “Fit width” (presentation mode) solution.
Our question: Do you have similiar experiences? Is there any effective hack we did miss?

Thanks a lot for feedback!
Cheers, Oliver

Additional question: Is pxCode worth to test?