Responsive design problems

Do you guys make every single frame responsive?
Im just starting at UI/UX design and later I’ll go to front-end development and I want to know if every web designer transform thier frames into responsive. I watched lots of youtube tutorials and most of the cases they just do static frames and if its responsive, just increase some width pixels or make just one screen for 1920x1080p, not the entire website for instance. Another example: I want to create an entire landing page for an iPhone SE frame and I want to reuse that same autolayout design for other sizes like iPhone xr, 13, 14 or whatever (I know some frames, sizes and text paddings can change) In addition, the main screen needs to fit on the iPhones size and other sections too, like body and footer. I want to but Im really strugelling trying to do all responsive. To summarize, is that necessary? Btw i try to use autolayout every time instead of constraints, is that good?. (sorry for my school english)

Btw, I just learned how to make most of the designs responsive :upside_down_face:

Hey there, apologies you haven’t heard from us yet. Please feel free to reach out if you have any struggles with the tools!

No problem, now I know almost everything about this tool, thanks.