Resize to fit in Sections

I’ve been using sections in Figma since they were released and to keep a more tidy canvas I use the “resize to fit” option on the section and noticed that this creates a 100px margin between the section bounds and the content. However I would like the margin to be of 500px instead of 100px, is this value adjustable?


They need to allow auto-layout for sections for it to be used how I think they intended (grouping parent frames).

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This is already on our radar! Feel free to add your feedback for the team and vote here:


Any news on that topic? To be able to customize that 100px would be soooo nice.



This would be really nice, also not to simply adjust an overall spacing, but to be able to set it for each side individually. Resize to fit on sections leave a 80px margin on my computer.

Same here, it would be really helpful to adapt this value. Or even better: Autolayout for sections :star_struck:

It’s been a while here, please help us out with some auto layout / padding formatting options for Sections!

I’am on the same page. Is there any news about adding auto layouts to sections? that would be great. I’m looking foreward to it :grinning:

I have a related and weird situation happening. Some of my sections auto resize to perfectly fit a new child section/frame that I had duplicated inside the parent section (great!). However, when removing the duplicated section/frame, the parent section doesn’t resize smaller (bummer…).

The resizing also only works horizontally, and it’s hard to spot when the resizing will happen (I THINK auto-resize only works on sections that I’ve double clicked on the horizontal right size to ‘fit’ the content.)