Reset symbol state as option in prototype (like reset video position)

When building presentations I often use symbols with different states as looping animations (with each state progressing after delay). The problem is that symbols don’t get reset to the first state if I move back and forth through the presentation, they keep looping in the background, which means timings, etc. things don’t match what I wanted anymore.

This has to be a standard option. When I use interactive components that loop in a prototype, the loop will keep on going even when the component is not in use. When the entire prototype had done it’s work and starts again. The interactive component is still in its last stage or still looping from the first time it was started, the timing is then off.

There should be a refresh page, reset state, reset component, reset animation of whatever whitin the prototype setting, so that the screen will be refreshed when loaded again.

I have read many issues with this question. @Administrator_Team can you give some feedback about this function. Is it possible, will this ever be a function?

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running into similar problem also when adding audio for interaction events. would be ideal if there was a clearcache triggered by an action or condition

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Hey All,

Thank you for your feedback and patience!

We released State management for Prototypes, which allows us to maintain object properties and states when navigating in and across frames when playing prototypes.

State management can be used with interactive components, scroll position, and videos in prototypes in three ways:

  • State memorization: Preserve the state of an object when you leave and return to the frame
  • State sharing: Share states between matching objects in different frames
  • State reset: Reset object states on each interaction