Reset scroll position of an overlay when closing

Hi all,

I’ve been running into a scroll position issue since state management was introduced.

I have a page with various buttons, and when selected, opens an overlay. These overlays have scrollable content on them, allowing the user to view the content. If the content has been scrolled and the overlay closed, when reopening the overlay the scroll position hasn’t been reset.

I have the option to ‘reset scroll position’ on the button-to-overlay interaction, but this resets the main page and there is no 'reset scroll position on the ‘close overlay’ menu interaction.

I ran a test there the overlay was treated as a new page (so ‘navigate to’ instead of ‘open overlay’) and the ‘back’ interaction on the overlay has the option to reset and behaves as expected.

What am I doing wrong? I know the state management setup indicates that layers need to be named the same, but this is to maintain scroll position. I need to reset the scroll position on the overlay once it has been closed.


Hi all, I have the same problem in my overlay and would like to learn a solution for this.
Many thanks

I have the same issue