Reset component state

We have a large platform designs with big design systems that use animated components with interactions. Issue is that earlier component did reset when it transition to another state.

This latest update added “Reset component state” checkbox. With large systems like ours this made so much confusion for developers when viewing prototypes because its not reseting component by default. User needs to go to every interaction and toggle that checkbox. Which will take too much time.

My suggestion is eather roll back to old way of prototyping with "Reset component state” on by default or update Figma so i can update all component interaction at once and toggle that checkboxes on everywhere.

This latest update made a mess with our prototypes.




Hi! I noticed the same issue yesterday and first thought I broke something. Most of the hover states stay that way even after hover and I added a workaround with a mouse-leave. :expressionless:

Agreed, this has broken many of our prototypes. The DEFAULT should be reset component states and we should toggle it off if we wanted to.


Same issue here. Please come back to the way it was or implement it as suggested by others in this thread.

Is there any news on this or a solution? I keep detaching instances, but that’s not idea.

Same here. Broke my prototypes. The “reset component state” should be the default. I can’t even add “reset component state” on actions like close overlay, so when I add press state and open overlay, the element stays in the pressed state after closing it. Waiting for some solution here.


I agree! This new paradigm has been really confusing. Having to manually select “Reset component state” for small interactions like button states has added a lot of mental + manual work. At first, I didn’t even see the value in not resetting component states.

However, I did find it useful when I want certain component states to persist (interactions that are embedded in the component and not connected within the prototype). But then I ran into another problem where other components within the prototype also didn’t reset? But sometimes it did? I know this isn’t clear, so please view a demo.

Overall, I think this feature needs a some more work to make it fully functional. For the time being, I would also advocate to revert it back to the old way.

Is there a tutorial about how to properly use the “Reset component state”? Before this update everything runs so smoothly, but this addition makes it a lot harder to prototype in Figma. Why fix what’s not broken?

I have the same problem. I opened a support ticket to try to figure out how to resolve this basic issue.

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