Request to add "switch length units" in the settings or on the ruler 请求在设置中或标尺上 添加“切换长度单位”

当我需要制作一张海报或打印文件,我可以直观获取实际尺寸。WHY NOT ILLUS OR PS? ILOVEFIGMA ! figma画板很大,很流畅,很顺手。illus没办法创建太大的画板,ps运行太慢!


When I need to make a poster or print a file, I can visually obtain the actual size. WHY NOT ILLUS OR PS? I LOVE FIGMA! The Figma drawing board is very large, smooth, and very convenient. Illus cannot create a drawing board that is too large, ps runs too slowly!

For example, if I need to create an A4 size file now, I will create a framework of 210X297px and export it to fit A4 paper printing. It will work! But if you can directly modify pixels to millimeter units, it would be too convenient


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Hi there,

Thanks for sharing a good idea! Yeah, that sounds a great tool. Let’s gaug the reaction of other members in the community.

In the meantime, it looks there’re several plugins that could help converting units such as

I’m also curious about this topic!


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i need!it gooood

Nice work, bro.