Repeated library update

I’m getting library updates from 3 days ago that I have already accepted in a file.

Not sure what to do to stop this loop. I don’t see any errors in the published library.

I’ve encountered this before with some old color styles randomly appearing.

Detaching an instance of some components in a file will also also prompt a library update in that file.

Anything ideas on what to do? Thanks!

Hey @ryan38, thank you for reaching out!
I have a workaround that often pushes through updates stuck in a loop:

  1. Go to file that defines this style. Then apply a small change to a property of the style. For example, like change the hex code or add a description - just something small that’s easy for you to remember and undo afterwards.
  2. Publish the update
  3. Go to a different file, accept library updates and see if you still get prompted to publish the same update.
  4. Go back to the style and reverse whatever test change was applied.

Hope this helps!