Reorder workspaces manually

I don’t know if anyone else has run into this issue, but for some reason Figma has me in 2 workspaces. My org and then this “external teams” one that has no files or anything in it. It also tends to default to the “external teams” if my account is ever logged out (and I log back in) or whenever I open the iPad app “Figurative”. I know that Figurative isn’t an official Figma thing, but I contacted Figma support and they said I can’t delete the “external teams” workspace? Even though I never plan to use it and have nothing in there. This Figma account is only for my work and I have no need for an extra workspace.

So my suggestion is to give people a way to remove the extra workspace (or don’t even add it), or if that’s absolutely not possible, then please make it possible to change which workspace is default so that I’m never dropped in to the workspace I never use and forced to shift to the one I do use.

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