Removing Plugins

I have already searched online, but those solutions don’t work anymore. I’ve tried everything, and I can’t find an uninstall or remove button, as shown in the tutorials.

Does anyone know how to remove plugins?

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Hey @Hielke ! Looks like your issue might have been resolved in this ticket: Uninstall Plugin

Solution: If you use the Figma desktop app, you can go to Plugins > Manage Plugins. You’ll be presented with a plugin modal where you can easily uninstall all your plugins by clicking on the minus(-) icon.

Check out the ticket and let me know if you could solve it!

could you specific where the minus(-) is, thank you!


there are none there either, where is this function?

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I appears that that functionality has been removed. Can someone please advise?

Unfortunately there this minute (-) does not exist anymore.
It is also not possible on the […] button with the details.
Very strange.

Please someone tell us where this function is…