Remove padding from exported image


How do I export an image without any padding? When I export this:


Which has no visible padding, I get an export of with padding around all sides - I need this to sit directly on top of another component without padding.


Had a similar issue yesterday where my export had 30px larger dimensions without any obvious reason.

I fixed it by creating a new frame and copy ‘n’ pasting the elements from the corrupt one into this new frame. Exported it again and then it worked.

I believe it’s was a bug. Otherwise I have no clue.

I hope it helps. Good luck comrade.


I ended up taking a screenshot (cmd + shift + 4) of the exported image, not the most ideal, but it did the trick

It worked! Thank you so much.

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We faced similar issue today, this padding can be removed by enabling clip content in Frame menu.

When we select a icon we can see it’s X, Y position, width and height, above these things there is a drop down menu called Group.
Change that to Frame
After that you can see there is an check box to clip content.

Download your icon after enabling clip content will prevent those padding.