Remove automatic link formatting when pasting email addresses and links

This doesn’t seem to have solved the issue at all. I am still getting links even when I use “Paste and match style”.

This dont work; if I copy text with a link from any page and try CMD + SHIFT + V, it does not paste anything on the text. I can only CMD + V paste a link to a text frame. So frustrating. I need the plain text paste.

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Hey! Pls do something with it, very annoying!

cmd+shift+v is no solution, because when I copy text with an underlying link from a website (e.g. article headline on a news site), cmd+shift+v does not paste the copied plain text, but instead pastes the last text I copied inside of Figma. cmd+v pastes the actual text I just copied from the website, but with the link.

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A year later, and I’m back at the same topic.


Hi everyone, thanks for all your feedback!
We’ve just pushed an update that allows you to ⌘V paste emails without the link attached.
Sorry it took us a little longer to fix this! Let us know if this addresses your issues!

@JackieChui It’s still not working. I’m trying to replace an existing text with a link text and it just makes the existing text a link.
Maybe do what rich editors does. Mark text, then click the link icon to create a url.

Hi @Steven_Private_Account, the update we launched above only affects email addresses.

You can press ⌘⇧V to paste a link without linkifying the text.

@JackieChui Ok, but why not apply it for links as well? At least then it is consistent with both normal links and e-mail links.

Because we have data suggesting there are more people who rely on pasting links over texts to “linkify” them (e.g. creating clickable links to other files), as opposed to replacing the text with the URL.

Email addresses are an exception because using them as clickable links is not as common - designers typically paste emails as placeholder content inside designs, so we made this recent change to account for that.

it doesnt work, ive tried different ways to remove the clickable effect of a email adress all afternoon. How can I have an email say in a resume without it being clickable when i export to pdf?

It appears this is only true when exporting to PDF, and not when you’re editing the text on the canvas.

Thanks for reporting this, I’ll let the team know to see if we can remove the links from PDFs.

Hi! Here is another bug. :beetle: When exported to PDF, links like this

are being converted to broken this:Википедия:Значимость

instead of correct this:

Looks like it is being double-encoded? Anyway, this is a very simple-to-fix bug, yet incredibly annoying.

Please, fix it as soon as possible! :pray:

Hi, is there any fix or setting to make email formatting not clickable? Or do I still have to do it manually in all my screens?

it literally takes the developers 1 hour to enable a settings options to turn off hyperlinks, it is not complicated !!! it has been more than 1 year at this point its a joke…

@Ghouila_Mohamed_Ali when you paste an email address, does it still become clickable?
If it does, do you mind sharing a video of it?

There should be an option to use “Rich Text” or “Plain Text” in Figma (or a setting called “Use Rich Text” that you could leave on by default if you insist), so those of us that are having this issue can switch to plain text and not have text copied from the Internet paste with links inadvertently embedded in it.

I know Paste And Match Style is a workaround but I don’t always remember to paste that way. I should be able to set “Command + V” to work as expected.

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100% agree