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Remove all interactions works incorrectly

  1. Selecting a specific screen while in prototype mode > right click > remove all interactions
  2. I was surprised (and horrified) that this deleted my entire prototype
  3. I would expect this to remove interactions connected to this specific screen.
  4. I would expect there to be a “delete all interaction in this prototype” within the prototype panel

I get this now but has anyone accidentally lost a prototype this way?

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Yes. Just happened to me. Thought I was deleting the selected interaction. Lost the lot and restore version doesn’t bring it back. No idea how much work this is going to take to link everything up again. Very angry.


You might not have had the frame selected.


When a frame is selected it just says “Remove Interactions”

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This just happened to me too…cmd + z doesn’t undo. So frustrating. Had the frame selected, but instead of using the main context menu i right clicked on the ‘Flow 1’ tag > remove all interactions. Infuriating. Please improve this feature to make it less vague and work more like we all obviously expected it to…


Used “Remove all interactions”. All of the connections in my mockup were wiped out. Can’t Undo. Can’t get them back from version history. I need to hook these up again.

This has caused me permanent data loss and I need to reconstruct my interactions now. Feature seems broken.

Same. Terrible UX. Just lost 100+ screens worth of connections, all using a variety of dissolves, timings and animation types. Inexcusable design choice.

Hi @Patrick_Swinnea, it’s unfortunate that this happened, but you can return all connections by pressing ⌘ Cmd or Ctrl+Z.

Nope, Undo did not work here.

Undo should work. If it doesn’t, then it looks like a bug that should be reported to the support team.

You can also try Restore from History version.

Thank you. Version history is an OK option, as long as the user doesn’t mind losing up to a half hour of work. I’ll report the Undo as a bug, but will argue that any overly destructive user action needs a confirmation box. A simple, “Are you sure you want to remove all connections from this document?” pop-up is the correct fix here.