Remove all auto-layout


I like to work with auto-layouts but i work with Figma newbies and sometimes when they work with components i’ve worked on, they get overwhelmed.

Is there a quick way to remove every auto layout of all frames selected or contained in a frame ?
Because it can be very tedious to remove them one by one.

Hi there, welcome to the community!
As a workaround, you can select all the auto-layout in your left panel for example, then use the shortcut: ⌥Option + ⇧Shift + A . Hope this helps!

The Destroyer plugin does this and more!


Thank you for your reply, but since you can’t select both the frame and the frames inside of it, I think it is still a bit of a painfull process

Thanks for the feedback, I understand the frustration. I will share it to the internal team.
(And also, thank you for sharing this plugin @zachshea !)

Thank you, i forgot to look into plugins !

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