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REM and "font-size" for Inspect

Our developers spend a lot of time in Figma Inspect, having to convert everything from pixels to REM. Implementing a way to specify the document’s “font-size,” or the equivalent of 1 REM and being able to turn on REM measurements in inspect would save so much time and make our design to development handoff easier.

edit: Yes, we could use Zeplin but we are an enterprise team with many projects - why pay for yet another subscription if Figma could implement this one thing?


Use Zeplin :slight_smile:

Please see my edit :slight_smile:

YES - I’m surprised this doesn’t have more votes!! Thanks for sharing @Sarina_Katznelson


Does anyone know of a plugin? This is kind of a show stopper for me. The manual process of converting px to rem is error prone and very time consuming.
Does Sketch do this?

Maybe this one?

I’d love to see that on Figma too.

Yes, this recalculating from px to rem takes unnecessary time.

Two potential workarounds:

  1. Devs can install Figma-Plugin Hand››over which does the conversion
  2. There is an npm-package sass-rem which allows you to write px value and the package will then output rem
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Thanks for the shoutout on my plugin Hand››over :blush:! I built this for this exact issue, to help my dev team out!