Relink instances to duplicated components from a new file


Here is my situation : I have duplicated my design system file and my main design file. By doing this, my duplicated design system has components still linked to the original main design file.

I have no idea how can I relink my new instances to my new duplicated components. Any idea, plugins?

If I understand this correctly, you should be able to go to your new instances and manually swap instances in the right panel to point to the Local Components version instead of your original file’s component. You may be able to do this faster by using the Select All with Same Instance or with Same Variant options in the Edit menu for some quick multiple instance/variant edits.

Waow… I completely forgot I can do that! Thank you very much.

It’s not really in the local file I want to reconnect, but I can do this way even if I want to reconnect to a new file.

I tried a plugin but it’s not working that good. Just in case someone seeing this, it’s called “Component Relinker”.

Thank you again Amalya. :smiley:

It can be done much easier: Swap style and component libraries - YouTube

:sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob: It was really that simple??? Thank you Gleb, that’s exactly what I was looking for. It’s been 3 days I am looking for this ahah.

I’ll tell you if it works, the publishing is a little bit long.

It’s seems it worked but the alert was stucked at a certain amount of connections. By clicking on the alert it disapeared so I don’t really if everything is connected now. I will try this way. Thank you guys !