Re-Link Components after copying them to a new project

Hi guys,

I started a project in my personal account and copied it to my companys account. Now all the components are linked to my personal account. I know I can update every component by hand by searching the local component but the project is quite large. I haven’t found a plugin or any native Figma functionality (like re-link components) or similar. I read that via a library it would be easy but I have no library and I am on the free version (for the moment).

Help is highly appreciated :wink:

Hey @mabo, thank you for reaching out! I was not able to find any plugins on my side. However, I’ve reached out internally to the teams for any suggestions. Will give you an update soon.

Appreciate your patience in the meantime!

This should do what you’re looking for:

Hey @mabo, great to see a user left a suggestion for a plugin!

Could you clarify what connections you want to get, if you don’t have a library?
Also, could you download a local copy of the file from your personal account and re-upload it to the work one? When you do that, any components you have in the original file will become new components, and if there were instances in the original, those will connect to the new components.
You can find more information in the Help Center article:

Please let me know me know if that resolved your issue or if you have any further questions!