Radio button weirdness in prototype

I’m trying to make it so that in this prototype, after clicking a radio button list item, all the other options disappear, and it goes to the next step in the flow. Which works.

But I want it so that if the user taps on that selected radio item again to deselect it, all the other options return. However, currently if you click on the selected item, it just changes only that one item to a deselected state without returning all the other items.

The way I’ve set it up in my prototype, I can’t for the life of me figure out why it wouldn’t work.

Hard to explain in words… please see:

Prototype here:

Hi, Rolf.

I looked at your file and maybe you need to modify your layer names in the file.
I tried to look at your issue and all i can see is there are components you are using with predefined prototype properties. So what happen is that the prototype will do the predefined function first and then your function which should be on the first frame will be gone.

So the solution i suggest is that you remove the predefined click properties on your components instead of multiple click functions in one component.

As you can see here, i recreated the radio button organism and didn’t put on click properties on the component.