Quick Actions List

Hey guys! Is there is any way to browse all “Quick actions” commands somehow? Super annoying that this is an exclusive way to use some commands and there is no obvious way to discover them. I just spent 2 days fixing broken instances manually before i found “Repair component connection” command in some forum topic which is not great experience. So i’m wondering maybe there is something that i didn’t knew. Thanks!

Hey @Oleh_Shydlovskyi,

We don’t have a full list, but you can access and search quick actions :

  1. Use the keyboard shortcut:
  • Mac: ⌘ Command / or ⌘ Command P
  • Windows: Control + / or Control + P
  1. Type your search in the field. Figma will show results that match your term as soon as you start typing.
  2. Navigate results by pressing or on your keyboard.
  3. Press Return or Enter to perform the action.
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