Quick Action menu just got broken?

From todays update seems like Quick Action menu just got way worse - no longer able to search all the saved plugins, just recent 6 ones?? Now you have to go through a hassle of opening a separate Plugin menu and searching through saved plugins there…


Cannot deal with that mini proprietary plugin menu, just list everything in the menu bar pls :sob:

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Hey there, I’ve checked internally. Quick action only shows recently used plugins.

Thanks for checking in. Yes that was the issue, as the main point of using that menu is quick and easy access to the commands that otherwise is hard to access through a bunch of separate menus, so it didn’t made any sense to suddenly (recent update) limit Quick access bar to only show 6 recent plugins. But, I see that today ‘All saved plugins’ is back and quick access menu is working properly again!! thanks for reverting the change. It was a big step backwards for power users