Questions about the mobile preview APP

When I need to use my mobile phone to preview my design draft, the problem I often encounter is lag, or no response or slow response. This is the most unbearable problem for me when using Figma, such as having to select the entire artboard. To preview, if I click on another artboard, I will go to another artboard. The normal logic should be that I click on anything in this artboard to preview the entire artboard, so I don’t need to click back and forth on the entire artboard to preview. Just like Sketch, in addition, when I use other software during the preview process and then return, I will find that the current preview interface will be blank, but clicking on other artboards will work, so I have to restart the APP to preview. It’s terrible. Every time I start the preview app, I have to select the artboard first, and then wait for it to pop up a prompt to preview the selected artboard. This is really uncomfortable. My main need to use it is to preview the app. Why can’t I just open it and preview it? The APP interface I selected. In addition, when will it be possible to support connecting to a computer for preview like Sketch without being affected by the network? I really look forward to the official update.

It looks like you are using the Figma Mirror feature. Instead of using this feature, open the prototype in your mobile browser or in the Figma mobile app.