Push-reset overrides of instances from the main component

Hey, guys, we can push overrides to main component from an instance, all right.

But why can’t we push the changes you made in the compontent into all instances. I mean, let’s say you changed something in the main component, but if that aspect is already somehow defined in the instance, the instance wouldn’t change!

It’s kind of insane, do you know what I mean? I mean the component’s main purpose is for us to be able to just work with component, and the instances must change accordingly on the fly, by themselves. But in this system it does not work this way.

We need a ‘Reset overrides on all instances’ option, to be able to push reset all instances from a single click, from the main component right-clicking.

Thank you!




This is especially hard on you if you’re making a design system like I am. The use case I have is that I have nested components and if I update the icons in one I still have to go manually updated all the instances across 85 components.

This would be super useful

Just delete the Element inside parent component and apply new one, all instances will reset as element is deleted. Hope this helps


Perhaps I’m trying for too much nesting, but deleting (or trying to replace via "paste over) a Sub-Component in the Parent means any valid Instance over-rides (e.g. text) will be lost when you update the client file.

…and that’s effectively a ‘silent fail’ insofar as it’s pretty easy to miss when those small changes occur, and you might not notice for a while, when successive changes have occurred and it’s not so easy to step back.

So, one of the things you might do to protect against that (i.e. minimise where you need to manage over-rides) is to apply ‘scenario specific’ over-rides on the Parent Component, make that into a new local Parent Component, then use instances of the new ‘Parent With Over-rides’ for the local need, e.g. prototype of a specific app state.

Of course… the problem then is things like auto-layout, hug-contents, and even over-rides themselves, start to ‘break down’ with too many levels of nesting, and things start getting too complicated.


I still think we need to have the option to undo each single override of an instance by itself, as then we can add and remove specific overrides for each instance.

Adding salt to the wound, as for now we can only create overrides (sometimes accidentally) and when we want to reset that override we need to reset all overrides, and when you have a lot of nested components in the instance you need to reset the override, you will loose everything inside that instance (I’m talking layouts here).

There is a reset all changes, but that gets rid of everything including any icon or text content updates. It’d be great to include a “Reset Styles” ontop of the " Reset Size" & “reset Property” they already have