Publishing libraries in different workspaces

I published 1 library to the entire organization (eg v1.0.0).
Now I have a set of components that I want to test first - I’m considering publishing them inside the team first and then to the entire organization (v 2.0.0).

What happens to v1.0.0 if I do that?

Hello @Neto_Ana, Thanks for getting in touch!
I think by publishing version v2.0.0 in addition to version v1.0.0 to the entire organization, everyone in the organization can access and use both libraries.

Here are a couple of articles you might find helpful:

I hope this information is useful!
If you have any specific concerns or need further clarification, please provide more details, and our community will do our best to assist you!


I would like to do a v2 release inside the team, to test it first before releasing it to the entire org.
I guess I can’t do it?