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Publish Styles and Components is greyed out when trying to add assets, does anyone know why?

I am new to using figma.

I found the /community of files and plugins for projects.
The first file I chose worked well and is now added to my library of assets.

When I found another one of icons however, the Publish Styles and Components is greyed out and it can not be selected.

Does anyone know why this might be?

Whats odd is when you first select duplicate and the figma screen opens, I can add it to my team, but the publish is greyed out. However, in that open browser, the icons are visible.

In the Team project I am actually working in and need them for, not there, can’t publish.

Thoughts? It seems strange.

Open the libraries window (Alt + 3 or Assets → Team Libraries) to see why you can’t publish. For example, maybe there are no components and styles in the file:

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