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Provide an option to have markup from RestApi

This feature request is more from an issue which i ran into. I’m looking at using Figma essentially as a form designer, where my tool read the model vai the RestApi in order to generate a web page and emit the CSS. The problem i ran in to, more likely from my ignorance and being new, upon putting a rotate values on an element, it appears nothing was getting emitted in the JSON response. With Gleb’s help (for reference… Rotate value not exported - #9 by Dan4) he pointed out i needed to supply a query parameter &geometry=paths. Okay now i see the info but i’m thinking why can’t us users simply get the CSS as i see in the “Insect” pane So, with this context…

My request would be to have Figma allow a query parameter on a Rest call say ‘markup=format’ where format would be [CSS|ANDROID|IOS]. No need for users to calculate anything. Just like the geometry=path, include a ‘markup’ element in the JSON response for each respective element. Simple, clean and for a user we don’t need to worry about doing all the calculations say from an array of path nodes to figure out what the linear gradient would be… Also Gleb mentioned from a few past support issues, the functionality requested here would have been helpful in some other use cases.

Anyway thanks for your attention.

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