Protoype with instances of a component

Is there a way to achieve the following in the prototype?

I have a component say X, which has three variants, Default, Hover, Selected. What I want to do is to use two instances of this component and both of them have the hover state, but clicking an instance changes it to the selected state but deselects the other instance.
I know how to do interaction prototypes, but don’t know how to have different states for the instances of the same component in a single design.

Hello @Popeye

I’m not sure to understand well what you’re looking for.

  1. In your prototype you want two instances of X set on hover state.
  2. And when you click on either of this instance, the one clicked should become selected and the other one default? as shown below

@Haroll Pretty much yeah. Just that in 1. instance of X set on default but hover works like it should.