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Prototyping: Why the "Push" option is grayed-out in the Interaction menu?

Hello Everyone / Figma Support Team!

Could you please tell me why the “Push” (along some other options) are grayed-out in the Interaction drop-down menu?

I tried changing Overlay to Top-Left, Manual,
But “Push” keeps being grayed-out for no reason…

:pray:t4: Thank you in advance for your kind help / workaround!

Push works only when one screen is replacing another one. The overlay doesn’t replace anything so there is nothing to push.

Thanks so much @Gleb for your quick reply!
So I need to choose “On Click : Navigate to” (instead of “Open Overlay”), correct?

Issue is:
I just want this little left panel to partially push the content inside the frame, not its header/footer (not the whole page).

Just like we see in many modern website nav menus, which push the content partially instead of hovering over it like classical menus. (this IX is pretty common nowdays, in Webflow for example, heck even Wordpress has it).

“Push” is just an animation type, not a special type of thing that can partially show both screens. It still replaces one screen with another. So it won’t work here.

In this case you need to recreate the whole screen moved as you want and use Smart Animate transition.

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