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Prototyping automatically creating drag interactions

When I’m prototyping, I often make copies, delete pages, etc. This means that I end up with prototype points that are automatically create click = none.

This then means that when I drag to make new points, I accidentally make many drag interactions because it assumes that if click = none, then the next interaction i want is drag.

Often I find out I’ve made mistakes by hitting play, seeing the interaction target turn blue, but tapping not working and me realizing i made drag points.

Then I go back, investigate where it assumed I wanted drag, and replace it with click by removing drag and click in the right panel. Retapping the circle plus and dragging it to a new frame. (I don’t use the dropdown and find the frame).

Two potential fixes:

  1. if click = none by goal is to replace it because click isn’t being used.
  2. if an end point frame is removed, remove click interaction entirely.

Anyone else make drag interactions by accident? Would these potential fixes hurt other people’s workflows?


Yes same happens to me sometimes.
I do not understand why, and do not understand the purpose of the None option for triggers. What’s the point in saying “If user clicks, do nothing”? I f I don’t want click to react then I just remove the Click interaction :slight_smile:

By the way, None does not seem to be documented.

I wondered if None could be used to create “exclusion areas” in a larger hot spot, but apparently not.


Actually some of my elements automatically get a Click > None interaction as soon as I click them (in Prototype mode). Not sure if that is a bug, but I noticed the element I select contains a child element that was locked. When I unlock it, the problem goes away @Michelle3.

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