PROTOTYPE TABS (all wrong now)

Hi Everyone
I used to be able to prototype tabs smoothly and quickly and keep the scroll position in place.

Now I cant move between tabs cleanly, it does not recognise the complex design to jump to another tab (or) it jumps to the top of the screen…I even tried to find if I could make a hot spot to just simple jump to another tab.

I hear this is a pain to other designers - but is there a solution please.

Help Anyone…thanks: Daryl

@daryl_lee1 Hey Daryl! Are you able to share a copy of the prototype/file that suddenly seemed to break? I’d like to get a look at it, to see if I can find anything odd.

When did you notice this happen, btw? Was it only recently, or has this been an increasing problem as you’ve worked on your file?

I doubt I can share the file - as I work for a Bank.

But since Adobe took over they have changed what worked fine into something that now does not work well for me…the procedures that I learned to do this now have been altered and totally not here now in programing the actions needed.

Simple hotspots to quickly make a prototype jump (in same position on screen was easy before). Now it wants designs in frames named and when I even do this - it can’t show the frames I named.

I did training for my UI team and showed simple 4 tab component that I had the designs in 3 screens to match my UI. Even Swipe gesture on mobile to reveal a Delete Button is now.

Maybe you can see these images and find the way to do this simply please - I was very good a doing prototyping and now my confidence is in question after seeing things no even working here.

thanks: Daryl

Can put a second screen in to show…they wont allow it

Got second screen i now…this was the way swipe worked. But now names and procedure do not come up to do this now. Bu If you have a sample doc of tabs connecting across screens - and keeps position in prototype would be great.

Thanks Daryl

Hello - anyone out there who has gone through these changes and have ways do this now? Simple tab prototyping should be easy.