Prototype resetting Scroll Position even though those settings have not been selected

Neither of my State Management options (Reset Scroll Position and Reset Component State) are selected, but the prototype resets scroll position so it looks like it’s glitching when you click from screen to screen and even on hover.

The reset scroll position appears to be arbitrary as it’s never to the top of the page, it’s just usually somewhere that’s NOT where the scroll position was on the previous page. I even switched all of my interactions from Smart Animate to Instant to try to correct this issue, but it’s still occurring all over the place.

Am I missing something or is Figma prototypes just buggy right now?


I am also encountering this issue when using component states.

I am having the same problem after the last major update/s. Many prototyping features are buggy right now, particularly this one

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Same here. My prototypes keep jumping to the top of the next screen, even though I’ve unchecked “Reset scroll position” on my interactions. I’ve made simple demo prototype to show the issue here. And here’s a quick screen recording running through it.

I’m having the same issue as well

I’m having the same issue. Creating a button with a hover state resets scroll position even though it is not selected.

Have the same issue myself!

Same here and is august :frowning:

I’m having this issue as well.

Same over here, but plain ol’ pieces instead of interactive components. It’s frustrating.

Exact same issue.

Same here. Does anyone have a solution for this? The frame has been labelled according to the new rules but when i scroll down a page the scroll resets when i click and go on the next (identical) page

Same here. On hover makes elements jumping up&down in prototype.

+1 apparently still an issue 3 months later. Please fix this, Figma.

Guys, please, every single one of you who are having this issue should be filing a bug report so this can be noticed and solved. The forum is not an official bug report tool, it is better for casual help and getting new ideas voted.

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I “enjoyed” these same symptoms, then I found information about preserving scroll position that solved the issue, which entailed changing the screen names to have a common prefix [ ex: MYPROJECT / (previous screen name) ]


I found a solution to this problem when prototyping some mobile web designs. If you name the frames that you are using in the prototype with the same prefix it will likely solve this issue. For example my frames were named Product Details - product specs and Product Details - Product Photos. Figma cant recognize a common prefix like this so I added a “/” after “Product Details” and it worked. The new frame names were Product Details/ product specs and Product Details/ Product Photos


Hi Calvin, thank you so much for this tip! This worked perfectly for me. Once I changed the frame names to include “/” rather than “-”, I no longer had the issue of my frame autoscrolling to the top when hovering over an icon.

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Thank you Calvin!! I’ve been trying to solve this issue for AGES and changing my artboard naming convention to use “/” instead of other punctuation finally fixed that pesky scrolling bug.

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