Prototype not loading in Google Chrome

Opening in an incognito window worked for me too, thanks.

Clear cookies works for me.

I turned on chrome://flags/#enable-vulkan and now it works

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You can search for “Figma” when under Chrome’s cookie settings page (search for “cookies” when under the general “Settings” in Chrome) and then it will give you the option to just delete the Figma cookies.

Hello :slight_smile:

Thanks for your solution Cynthia, it worked for me too !

I have the same problem in Chrome and Brave.

Probably I could solve that by adjusting my settings, but shouldn´t their be a solution from Figma?

Cause I cant ask all my clients to follow those steps in there browser, just to open my prototype. They will simply not open the file than.

Is there any official Info from Figma about that bug?

Hey @Simo4, thank you for reaching out!

I wasn’t able to find any recent issues on this but I’d like to help troubleshoot further why you are encountering issues loading prototypes in Chrome. To help me take a closer look, can you please let me know the following:

  1. Can they let us know if the same issue occurs after clearing the Chrome cache as described in Google’s help documentation: Clear cache & cookies - Computer - Google Account Help

  2. Can they let us know if the same issue occurs in an incognito window or after disabling any running browser extensions?

Thank you for your assistance!

Dear @Gayani_S Gayani,

Thank you for your support!

The thing is that everything is working just fine on my machine, but it isn´t on some of my colleagues and customers.

I am not sure if its maybe related with having Figma Desktop installed or not?!

I am sry, but I wont check all those things on my colleagues machines.

All the best,

Hey @Simo4, to confirm is it happening in the browser, desktop app or both?

Are you able to test the prototype on a different browser? You can find in our Help Center article the browsers Figma supports. Alternatively, I’d try to test it on a different device.

Thank you,