Prototype (Fill Screen) - Graphics Blurry

Have the same problem and just installed BetterDisplay, but can’t fine where to change which settings. Can some one guide me. Do need the sharp displaying for my presentations as a type designer. There a blurry presentation is simply nothing worth at all.

Here what found out today.
If the resolution is set to STANDARD the presentation mode is sharp even if scaled up fit screen.
When I change to my favorite resolution, the presentation mode gets blurry.

Hope that will help to fix that bug.
Looking forward to an update soon.

Hey @Ralph_du_Carrois, thank you for reaching out! I’ve passed this to the teams.
To be transparent, I don’t see any progress at this moment. However, I’ll keep you updated!

Hey, responsivity is a huge issue when it comes to Figma prototypes. You can check out this plugin that helps you create interactive product demos. This may not work for all scenarios but is useful for product tours, feature tours etc - check it -