Prototype connections aren't working

prototype connections aren’t working. when i go to the presentation, i click in the part that is supposed to work and he “lights” another part who have nothing do to with it. why?

Hi @Claudia_Nunes are you able to share a file with us here so we can take a closer look at what might be happening?

Hello @Josh thank you for your answer :slight_smile:

My problem is that in the first screen when i try to connect it with the page “personal profile” that personal profile page is supposed to show up when i click on 1st screen, 3 bars on the top left. But what is happening is that the conversation ballons that i created just blink in a lighter blue, everytime i click on the bars. I have been experienced this error several times since yesterday night and then i delete all connetions all over again.
It’s my first time creating prototypes :slight_smile: thank you for yout help

Hey @Claudia_Nunes thanks for sharing the file. Ah so it looks like you do have a connection but it’s only on one line of the little hamburger menu icon (which would require a very accurate click to trigger). I would recommend grouping the 3 lines together and then adding the prototype connection to the group. This will allow you to click through in the prototype much easier. I would actually recommend doing this across all your screens. It seems like you have a bunch of individual elements that you could group together to make it easier to work with.

Let me know if you have any other questions. Happy to help. :slight_smile:

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Thank you Josh :slight_smile: Its very comforting to know that someone is around to help :slight_smile: im going to try and I’ll give you feedback later on :slight_smile:

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Thank you :slight_smile: its okay now :smiley: But i detected problems in others…
Can you help? In the “profile page”, I can’t go back on the arrow, and on the second “search musical friends” on menu the first big rectangle doesnt give me the option to connect :frowning:

Yeah this is due to the same reason. What might make this easier is to duplicate to a new page and then remove all the connections. Then from there first go through each of the screens and group all the individual elements into their respective group. Then once that’s done you can hook the prototype back together and it should work as expected.

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I would also recommend exploring adding components. This will help with not needing to remake each element each time you need it. We have some great videos on our YouTube that outline these features that I highly recommend. :slight_smile:

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