Proposed Features for Variables

I’d like to share some insights about the new variable feature.

For highly interactive prototypes, storing states in a string is a very practical approach. This method allows the state of an interactive component to switch based on the string content. However, a feature that seems to be missing is the ability to conditionally display or hide a layer based on whether a string variable matches a particular value. More broadly, there is a need for the capability to bind expressions to each property. For example, one could bind the visibility of a layer to whether variableA equals “state1”, or to the inverse value of a boolean variable, booleanA.

In addition, the introduction of the “mode” concept is incredibly beneficial. I view it as an object where each mode corresponds to a key. The values of different modes can be used in the “set value” interaction. However, it seems that you cannot specify which mode you want to set when using the “set variable” interaction.

I believe that with these enhancements, the new variable features could significantly assist in designing highly interactive and procedural prototypes.

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Hey @Michel_Wu_FR ,
Thanks for your feedback!
With the launch of some new Figma Prototyping updates, we are glad to inform you that you can now bind strings to visibility : in addition to binding booleans, a user can now bind string values “true” or “false” to component instance visibility. You can learn more in our article here