Properties: Show list as the Instance Swap, instead of Drop Down Menu

I have made an icon component with many variants, and created a property with their name.

Is there any way I can select the icons in the properties not by their name but the icon? Also, it seems impossible for to arrange the list in a way that’s meaningful. Thank you!

Hi @tank666 Thanks for the quick answer! I have found that using icons as variants have helped me create iconbuttons and and nest them properly, avoiding colour overrides and other issues I found by using icons as separate components.

Also notices this is the way the Google Material 3 Figma file was put together, so I have two different versions of my icons: one set up as in the file, and other set up as different components.

I’d love to have my icons as a single component and switch variants as a property, and it works as I give them consistent naming - but if I could see what the icons look like in the dropdown, instead of the names (which also get cut in the dropdown) it’d be amazing.

Thank you!

I understand your desire, but at the moment you are using the variants feature inappropriately.