Problems in iOS 17.5.1

I’m having trouble uploading videos sent to the new version of iOS. My phone is 15 pro max. Memory is only 10% full. Can anyone help??

Hi @ihsan_serhat, Thanks for reaching out about this.

I am unsure if I fully understand the issue you are dealing with, but are you trying to add a video to your design file from your mobile device?

If so, please note that the Figma mobile app and Figma on mobile browsers currently only allow you to view files. Editing capabilities, including adding videos, are not available on mobile devices.
For more details you might find these articles helpful:

If you’re attempting to upload a video shot on an iOS device, please note that adding videos is only possible in paid Education, Professional, and Organization team accounts, and you need edit access to the design file.
Here are some resources that might be useful for you:

I hope this clarifies things a bit. If there’s anything I’ve misunderstood, please let us know. Additionally, if anyone in our community has further insights, feel free to share them here.

Thanks again for reaching out!