Problem: Tab bar in combination with boolean variables does not work or is bugged

Hey everyone, I have a problem in a prototype with a tab bar where I want to show and hide the corresponding content using boolean variables.

Without variables, the tab bar works perfectly and you can switch from one tab to the next in the prototype. It is structured as follows (see picture):

As soon as I set in the product tile that content should be hidden or shown by tap

, the tab bar no longer works and the active tab no longer changes.

Has anyone ever had a similar problem and knows what it could be?

I might be wrong but I have the feeling it is similar to my problem here: Change variant of other component

What I guess with my very limited knowledge: as soon as you switch to Active Tab 2 Variant of your tab bar the field on which the set variable action is connected to is no longer on the canvas (because it is on variant 1 of your tab bar). Again, I’m just wildly guessing because I have a very similar issue and no solution so far. Seems like an easy task but Figma doesn’t seem to be capable of or at least does its best to hide an obvious solution.