Preview and presentation stuck in square aspect ratio

This started a bit more than 2 weeks ago, and it’s been a real hamper in my team’s workflow. When I try and preview any prototype frame, it shows up as a square, cropping the prototype and forcing it to scroll, no matter how I try to resize, match aspect ratio, or adjust the zoom level. This is what it looks like.

We rely on screenrecordings of our prototypes to quickly share progress and get feedback on our designs, so this bug has basically crippled that capability for over half a month now. Has anyone else encountered this same problem, or knows a workaround?

@SingYu_Lam1 I ran a couple of generic prototype workflows using the iPhone 14 frame templates as a references, and the previews appeared normally on my end.

The image you linked seems to be a quick mockup of the behavior you’re seeing. Can you post the exact steps you took to get that result?

If that’s part of your actual design file, it may be an issue with something in the file. In that case, there would need to be more in-depth analysis.