Prevent creation of accidental "Untitled" files

Please prevent accidental creation of untitled files.

I’m constantly having to clean up empty “Untitled” Figma files because it’s so easy to accidentally create new empty files in the Figma native app. It happens when you click cmd-N in the app.

The result of cmd-N depends on whether you are in the native app or in a browser. When you use Figma in a browser, cmd-N opens a new browser window. When you use the Figma app, cmd-N creates a new file. In the app it’s easy to create unwanted files by mistake, requiring clean up at some point.

I don’t mind closing a newly created file right after accidental creation. What I do mind is that the empty file is saved, leaving me with the chore of managing the debris.

Suggestion: If a file is created and closed before it is renamed or modified, delete the file.

I’m definitely not the only one with this issue. I’ve seen suggestions, but no solution. Anyone else out there wanna vote this up or help it get attention some how?

Thank you!