Prestashop template creation

Hi all.

I would like to know the following please if someone is nice to give me feedback:

  1. what is the workflow to make a template in figma and have it worked in prestashop ?
    I export the HTML pages and their CSS and then do what in Prestashop ? Do I need to write JS code separately or not ? JS would be usefull to add in what scenario ? (I dont know yet JS but if is needed I will learn it)
    (I noticed some community free templates for magento from a nice guy in Community – would it be possible to use that for prestashop too ? in my head it seems that the answer might be yes becasue there is only html and css …)

  2. in the community free subscription, if I do a project, can I download it to my computer and when I would like to make modifications (lets say in 6 months) can I reupload it again and work on it for 30 days ?
    The monthly subscription for me making 1 template that will probably have minor changes in the future is not helpfull. And I would really like to be able to revamp what I did in the past.

Thank you!

  1. Figma is not a website building tool. It doesn’t have any HTML or CSS in it. So you can’t “download” Figma files as HTML because they are not HTML in the first place. But there are plugins that can generate HTML from Figma files.

  2. I don’t understand what subscription you are talking about. Figma is free for basic usage and it seems like you won’t need a paid tier for the type of work you are looking to do in it. Regarding Community resources, the license can be found in the file info. You can use them according to the license they are released under.

Ty for your fast answer!!

  1. I noticed there is 30 days in which I can hold a version in my free account. I do not understand well how this works.
    Also, in the free account can 2 members work on the project ?

  2. I was reffering to that: export HTML and CSS. Can you please send me info to plugins that work in this sense ?
    Also, can I write the plugin too ? (I have some programming skills but isi not my daily job hence the questioning).

  1. That’s version history, not file timeout. Your files are stored permanently and can be accessed perpetually even in the free account.

  2. You can find the plugins yourself. And yes you can code your own one too.